ZistosHD Pole Cameras for USAR Teams

ZistosHD Search & Rescue Systems are high-definition, wireless pole cameras, designed for Victim Location missions post-building collapses or natural disasters. Customizable configurations, featuring telescoping carbon fiber poles with motorized mount and 1080P, self-illuminating camera heads, cater to the specific needs and budget of Urban Search and Rescue teams. The motorized articulation camera mount allows for a +/- 120 degree remote control pan, with pole lengths ranging from 6ft to 30ft. The system’s versatile articulation speed facilitates both detailed grid searches and rapid assessments of void spaces, enhancing the efficiency of victim location operations.

The ZistosHD system, equipped with a 10X optical zoom camera, ensures unparalleled image magnification without resolution loss, distinguishing it from digital zoom technologies. The configuration can also include communication capabilities for audio interaction with victims. With a rechargeable battery runtime of 6-10 hours and modular design options, ZistosHD Victim Location Systems offer a comprehensive solution for maximizing success in search and rescue scenarios.

Two of our Featured Products

The Compact Wide Angle Color Camera (WPC-2.0W-HD) is the newest addition to our cache of ZistosHD Cameras. It is a true HD camera, 1080P, with a wide angle lens that allows for a 134 degree FOV. It comes with an internal microphone and is TalkBack capable. It’s sub-2 inch housing allows for it to be placed in core holes during rescue missions.

The Dual Mode Thermal Camera (THC-57D-HD) is a specialty dual camera in one housing. It consists of a 1920×1080 black & white camera as well as a thermal, that can be seamlessly switched between with the push of a button. It comes with an internal microphone and is TalkBack capable. It’s sub-2 inch housing allows for it to be placed in core holes during rescue missions.

FDIC 2023

Visit us at the FDIC show in the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN from April 27th – 29th. We will be displaying our products in Booth #1306. Bob and Tim will be present to demo the gear for you and answer any questions you may have.

One of our Featured New Products

The Compact Wide Angle Color Camera (WPC-2.0W-HD) is the newest addition to our cache of ZistosHD Camera. It is a true HD camera, 1080P, with a wide angle lens that allows for a 140 degree FOV. It comes with an internal microphone and can be TalkBack capable. It’s sub-2 inch housing allows for it to be placed in core hole during rescue missions. With this camera on the end of our motorized pole, there is no where that can’t be seen.

SHOT Show ’23 Giveaway Winner

We are happy to announce the winner of AirPod Pro Gen2 giveaway at SHOT Show ’23!

Congratulations Officer Vinal of College Station Police Department!!! You were selected randomly from a pool of over 150 names! We hope you enjoy your victory!

ZistosHD Under Door Camera System

The ZistosHD Under Door Camera System (HDTS-5AR-ZDV) is designed to help operators conduct both visual and audio (which can be disabled) surveillance into a room, through the space under a door, during a tactical mission. The system includes a specially designed, hand held pole mounted camera that is approximately .25” thick and can be inserted into the space between the floor and a closed door. The pole camera transmits encrypted, Wi-Fi video images that are viewed on a rugged 5” display. The system also supports wired operation in situations where wireless operation is not feasible.

This special dual view camera has 2 cameras recessed within its tongue. One looks forward into the room for a subject and the other looks up to check for booby traps or barricades on the back of the door. The two images generated by the forward and upward looking cameras can be toggled on the display with the push of a button. This camera has IR illumination to covertly light up a room without being visible to the human eye. If the door doesn’t have the necessary quarter inch of door to floor clearance, an air jack is provided in the system to lift the door enough to slip the camera underneath.

The specially designed, dedicated 8’ telescoping pole with universal joint for this system facilitates horizontal panning of a room while the operator remains out of the fatal funnel of the doorway. For long term surveillance operations a drop cable can be used, allowing the operator to set the camera and view the image from a safer location.

The 5” display included in this system features a rugged, industrial design, excellent screen brightness and resolution. The tablet features a removable battery that is hot-swappable. This negates the need to take the display out of service if its battery gets low. The display can be worn on the wrist, chest, neck or can be pole mounted at the user’s preference.  It also has a removable SD card that can be removed to archive captured images and video clips.

The ZistosHD wireless bridge accessory allows the system to interface to a standard cell-modem, (a product that is offered by most major cellular carriers). This allows transmission of real-time video from anywhere that has cell coverage – to anywhere that has internet access!

This tool is excellent to support jobs that involve a barricaded subject, hostage situations or to help minimize collateral damage when explosive breaching techniques are utilized. 

ZistosHD Pipe and Vault Inspection System

UPDATED: The ZistosHD Pipe & Vault Inspection System is designed to perform safe, visual inspections from the street level of vaults, pipes and manholes for maintenance conditions, cracks, corrosion, hot-spots & blockages – without the need for the inspector to make a confined space entry.

This system has been engineered to support true 1080P HD video for highly detailed images. The wireless inspection tool features a submersible, self-illuminating 30X zoom camera, mounted on a telescoping pole with remote motorized articulation. This camera has optical zoom capabilities, allowing for zooming without the loss of resolution associated with digital zoom cameras. The 30X Zoom camera can be fitted with optional side lights, if more light is required.

The system is designed to be field configurable and other optional cameras are available that can add additional capability. This includes the ZistosHD Dual Mode Thermal camera. This camera is ideally suited for use in an underground electrical vault to search for hot-spots from overheating cable splices and the camera’s audio capability can be used to listen for the sounds of electrical arcing. This can all be accomplished with the worker outside of the confined space and safely above ground.

The Pipe & Vault system is secured with an adjustable pole support rod which allows for the height of the camera to be adapted to the inspection environment. It also removes the weight of the system off of the operator and protects the camera head. On top of the height adjustment of the support rod, the telescoping, motorized articulating pole can be extended up to 16 feet (larger and smaller pole lengths available) for additional reach, if required. Camera articulation is accomplished with the use of the push buttons on the handle or on-screen touch controls.

Images are viewed on a rugged, specially configured 5” display, preloaded with our proprietary viewing application, that can be chest, pole or wrist-mounted, and transmitted via wired or wireless methods. The display has a removable SD card for easy image archiving, but images can also be uploaded to cloud storage, if desired.

This easily transportable system can be used to maximize the safety and efficiency of personnel engaged in maintenance operations in underground vaults, as well as many other industrial inspection operations.

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