ZistosHD Motorized Pole Options

ZistosHD Pole Camera Systems are used in many applications where it is necessary to inspect or surveil an object or subject, in an environment that is difficult to access or dangerous to enter. This is accomplished by mounting one of our specially designed HD video camera heads onto one of our telescoping poles. One specialized telescoping pole option we offer is a motorized design.

The ZistosHD motorized pole utilizes a motorized articulating hinge that allows the camera head to be remotely positioned across its full range of +/- 120 degrees. Controlling this is accomplished by using the control keypad on the ZistosHD system handle, or the touchscreen overlay on the display unit.

The motorized articulating mount allows the camera to be positioned in any orientation when it is inserted into an environment and inaccessible to the operator. The articulation angle of the camera head is displayed on the handle, so the operator is never blind to the camera position even if the camera head is not visible.

The speed of articulation can be adjusted by the user, and the gear-head motor is designed with a special slip-clutch that protects it against mechanical shock if the motor is back driven by manually forcing the camera head. The motorized pole can be rotated to allow the camera to pan 360 degrees around an area. The motorized poles are available in 6ft (1.8M), 10ft (3M), 16ft (5M), 22ft (6.9M) and 30ft (9.4M) lengths.

The advantages of the motorized articulation design are vast. It allows the inspection of areas where openings are narrow and only accommodate the camera to be inserted in its smallest footprint orientation (usually 0 degrees, positioned straight). The motorized poles are also advantageous when the application requires inspection of a broad area where constant adjustments to the camera position are required.

The modular design and the broad variety of pole types and lengths, along with the different camera and display options available in the ZistosHD line of inspection and surveillance products, ensure that we have a customizable video pole camera system that will best fit your application and budget. If you need a video system for applications such as tactical surveillance, urban search and rescue, vehicle/cargo search or industrial inspection, please call us to get more information, or to set up a no-obligation product demonstration virtually or at your facility.

ZistosHD Optical Zoom & Camera Clarity

A valuable feature of any portable video system is the ability to view a clear 1080p image while zooming in to get a close-up of a point of interest without having the operator be in close proximity.

In some instances, getting close to the point of interest is not possible due to lack of access, or danger to the operator. Using a portable video system combined with a camera capable of true optical zoom and high resolution imaging can be a solution to these problems.

The ZistosHD systems offer a true optical zoom feature that utilizes lenses to magnify the visual image to many times its true size. This method has significant advantages over cameras that are limited to digital zoom capabilities. Cameras that utilize optical zoom have the ability to magnify an image without any loss of resolution, which is integral to many of these operators in order to perform their job.

By contrast, digital zoom expands the image by using software to magnify the image by increasing the size of the pixels and thus reducing the number of pixels that make up the image. This makes the image appear larger, but at the expense of resolution. Often the images will become too coarse, or pixelated to see any meaningful detail. The more digital magnification that is applied to the image, the worse the image quality gets.

Zistos’ zoom cameras are available in 10X (WPC-2.5Z-HD) and 30X (WPC-3.5Z-HD) optical magnification options. These cameras are housed in rugged, waterproof housings. Both have self-illuminating LEDs and provide high definition 1080p images & video, even when zoomed to their maximum optical range.

All in all, using a portable video system without optical zoom capabilities will limit the range of your system. ZistosHD systems not only have optical zoom options, but also have additional options such as true thermal cameras, under door cameras, IR illumination, snake cameras, specialty scopes and more. Check out the ZistosHD portable video systems and customize your system to your specifications.

The External Monitor Receiver (EMR)

The External Monitor Receiver is an optional accessory to the ZistosHD Pole Camera Systems. It allows users to utilize an off-the-shelf external monitor as a display option to view images generated by a ZistosHD system. The External Monitor Receiver (or EMR for short) is a physically small device that is slightly larger than a thumb drive. It plugs into a standard HDMI input on a TV, Monitor, or other display device and is powered by a USB input that can be sourced externally, or directly from the monitor.

The EMR is preloaded with the ZistosHD imaging application that the user controls with an included remote control. Real-time video that is generated by the ZistosHD system can now be seen on a screen that is large enough to allow numerous individuals to view simultaneously. The EMR receives wireless video and allows the external monitor to be positioned anywhere within the transmission range of the ZistosHD system. The External Monitor Receiver is another one of the optional accessories available in the ZistosHD line of products that expands the capabilities and the usefulness of our video systems.

Call us for more information or to schedule a virtual product demonstration at your convenience. 

ZistosHD Optical Zoom Cameras

A valuable feature of any remote video inspection system is the ability to zoom in and get a close-up of a point of interest without having the operator be in close physically proximity. In some instances, getting close to the point of interest is not possible because it is either impossible to access, or getting into a close inspection position is dangerous to the inspector.

The ZistosHD systems offer a true optical zoom feature that can magnify the image to many times its true size. Optical zoom uses a series of adjustable lenses that are controlled by the operator to magnify an image. Digital zoom cameras magnify an image by artificially increasing the number of pixels to make an object appear larger. Digital zoom cameras reduce the resolution of an image when they magnify its size. Optical cameras maintain the highest image resolution, even when they are at maximum magnification. The ZistosHD zoom cameras utilize optical zoom and maintain full resolution at maximum zoom settings.

Zistos’ zoom cameras are available in 10X (WPC-2.5Z-HD) and 30X (WPC-3.5Z-HD) optical magnification options. These cameras are housed in rugged, waterproof housings. Both have audio listening capabilities, self-illuminating LEDs, and provide high definition 1080p images and video. Our 10X camera has both white light and IR (WPC-2.5ZIR-HD) illumination options. The cameras can be fixed with additional side illuminators.  The systems can also be equipped with a talkback speaker box for full duplex audio. This allows the operator to listen and communicate back with others who may be in the inspection location. These zoom cameras are compatible with all ZistosHD systems.

The ZistosHD wireless bridge accessory allows the system to interface to a standard cell-modem, (a product that is offered by most major cellular carriers). This allows transmission of real-time video from anywhere that has cell coverage – to anywhere that has internet access!

We would welcome the opportunity to set up a virtual product demonstration so you and your team can see the ZistosHD Portable Pole Camera System with our optical zoom camera in operation. These sessions can take as little as 15 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Google Cloud Integration with ZistosHD Pole Camera Systems

One of the design objectives for the new ZistosHD Pole Camera System was to provide a simple way to remotely share recorded images and videos. Traditionally this was accomplished by offloading images and videos onto a computer by either removing the system’s SD memory card or using a USB cable to transfer files. While the files reside on the computer, they can be emailed to the specific individuals for review. This process works, but we were hoping to come up with a mechanism that would provide faster access to the files for those who may be situated in remote locations.

To achieve this desired result, we utilized Google Cloud services along with the ZistosHD Pole Camera System’s dedicated imaging application. A Google Cloud account needs to be set up in advance. The ZistosHD tablet normally connects to a dedicated network created by the system’s handle. Following the Google account creation, the ZistosHD tablet can be configured to access a secondary network with internet access. This network can be a local WiFi network used in an office, facility, or even a WiFi based cell modem. Once setup is complete, all that needs to be done to upload images and videos to your Google account is simply turning off the ZistosHD pole camera with the tablet still powered on.

When the pole camera is turned off, the tablet will automatically connect to the local secondary network. It will then begin syncing the images and videos to your Google account. Once the sync is complete, just turn the handle back on and you are instantaneously ready to continue using the system to inspect, surveil, or search. The time for this process to complete will vary and depends on the amount of data, along with the bandwidth of the network connection.

With this process, anyone with access – and only those with access – to your secure Google account can access your photos and videos anywhere with an internet connection. This Google Cloud account can also act as an archive for your collection of videos and images that can be accessed from anywhere.

The ZistosHD products can now share and archive images and videos anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection by just connecting a Google account to our system tablet. This solution facilitates image sharing with anyone/anywhere, and it is accomplished with a single push of a button.

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