How a Pole Camera Can Help Increase Situational Awareness In a Tactical Operation

ZistosHD Tactical Pole Camera Systems are specialized tools designed to provide tactical teams with increased situational awareness during tactical operations. These pole cameras offer several features that can greatly enhance the team’s ability to assess and understand the environment they are operating in.

  1. Remote Viewing: The ZistosHD Tactical Pole Cameras allow tactical teams to remotely view live video feeds in real-time. The camera is mounted on an extendable pole, enabling personnel to see around corners, over obstacles, or into spaces that are difficult or dangerous to access directly. This capability keeps team members out of harm’s way while still providing crucial visual intelligence.
  2. High-Definition Imaging: The cameras capture video in high-definition resolution (1080P), which ensures that the images relayed to the tactical team are clear and detailed. This feature helps in identifying potential threats, assessing the situation accurately, and positively identifying targets.
  3. Low-Light Capability: Many tactical operations take place in low-light or dark environments. The ZistosHD Tactical Pole Cameras are equipped with low-light capabilities – Including IR Illumination and Thermal Imaging – allowing the team to see in challenging lighting conditions and not give away their position with visible white light sources.
  4. Wireless Transmission: The pole cameras can transmit video wirelessly, enabling multiple team members and a command location to view the feed simultaneously. This collaborative viewing enhances communication and decision-making within the team.
  5. Flexible Deployment: The pole cameras components are modular and can be used in various scenarios, such as room clearing, building searches, vehicle inspections, or perimeter surveillance. Their field adaptability allows tactical teams to tailor their use based on the specific mission requirements.
  6. Uninterrupted Situational Awareness: Extended batteries – 2 per system – from Zistos with a run-time of 6+ hours, ensure that the pole camera systems remain operational, providing constant situational awareness. This can be critical for assessing threats, monitoring targets, and coordinating actions.
  7. Minimal Footprint: The cameras are designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring they do not impede the team’s mobility or effectiveness during the operation.
  8. Reconnaissance Capability: With the pole cameras, tactical teams can conduct reconnaissance from a safer distance. This allows them to gather critical information about potential threats, hidden hazards, or the layout of an area such as an attic, crawlspace or locked door before committing to direct engagement or breaching.
  9. Post-Mission Analysis: The video footage recorded by the pole cameras can be reviewed post-mission to debrief and analyze the operation. This aids in evaluating the team’s tactics, identifying areas for improvement, and learning from the experience.

By incorporating ZistosHD Tactical Pole Cameras into their tool kit, tactical teams can gain a significant advantage in situational awareness. The ability to remotely and discreetly observe the environment in high-definition video empowers them to make better decisions, execute operations more effectively, and minimize risks to personnel. It enhances their ability to detect threats, plan strategically, and achieve successful outcomes in complex and potentially hazardous situations.

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Portable Tactical HD Pole Camera Components

Greater Performance Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Since 2001, Zistos has been designing and manufacturing portable video systems for industrial confined space inspection, military, tactical surveillance, physical search & security, and collapse search & rescue. Our products increase the safety and effectiveness of trained personnel by enabling them to gain access into areas considered inaccessible or potentially dangerous situations, while staying out of harm’s way. The company has earned an excellent reputation for many pioneering innovations in surveillance, rescue and industrial inspection technology.

Zistos offers an array of portable video solutions, which along with our standard definition video systems, includes the new ZistosHD (full 1080P) wireless systems and components. All of our systems are engineered and designed for dependability, rapid deployment, modularity with field-swappable components.

Portable Industrial HD Pole Camera Components

  • Attaches to any ZistosHD pole or cable
  • Provides power to cameras
  • Transmits video/audio stream via WiFi
  • Keypad controls both pole & tablet
  • Smart Displays – 5″, 6″, 10″
  • Preloaded with the ZistosHD App
  • Fully integrated with the ZistosHD cameras for control, viewings & recording

Specialty Products

  • Smart Lithium-Ion
  • Internal Fuel Gauge
  • 6+ hour run-time
  • Snap-in & go

ZistosHD Under Door Camera System

The ZistosHD Under Door Camera System (HDTS-5AR-ZDV) is designed to help operators conduct both visual and audio (which can be disabled) surveillance into a room, through the space under a door, during a tactical mission. The system includes a specially designed, hand held pole mounted camera that is approximately .25” thick and can be inserted into the space between the floor and a closed door. The pole camera transmits encrypted, Wi-Fi video images that are viewed on a rugged 5” display. The system also supports wired operation in situations where wireless operation is not feasible.

This special dual view camera has 2 cameras recessed within its tongue. One looks forward into the room for a subject and the other looks up to check for booby traps or barricades on the back of the door. The two images generated by the forward and upward looking cameras can be toggled on the display with the push of a button. This camera has IR illumination to covertly light up a room without being visible to the human eye. If the door doesn’t have the necessary quarter inch of door to floor clearance, an air jack is provided in the system to lift the door enough to slip the camera underneath.

The specially designed, dedicated 8’ telescoping pole with universal joint for this system facilitates horizontal panning of a room while the operator remains out of the fatal funnel of the doorway. For long term surveillance operations a drop cable can be used, allowing the operator to set the camera and view the image from a safer location.

The 5” display included in this system features a rugged, industrial design, excellent screen brightness and resolution. The tablet features a removable battery that is hot-swappable. This negates the need to take the display out of service if its battery gets low. The display can be worn on the wrist, chest, neck or can be pole mounted at the user’s preference.  It also has a removable SD card that can be removed to archive captured images and video clips.

The ZistosHD wireless bridge accessory allows the system to interface to a standard cell-modem, (a product that is offered by most major cellular carriers). This allows transmission of real-time video from anywhere that has cell coverage – to anywhere that has internet access!

This tool is excellent to support jobs that involve a barricaded subject, hostage situations or to help minimize collateral damage when explosive breaching techniques are utilized. 

ZistosHD Vehicle Search System

UPDATED: The ZistosHD All-Surface Vehicle Search System can be used to inspect all areas of a commercial or passenger vehicle. The ZistosHD Vehicle Search System offers the user visual access into many areas of a vehicle that are typically used to smuggle weapons, explosives, illegal currency, narcotics, or any contraband. Using a single multi-purpose high resolution video inspection tool that can be used in a wired or wireless mode. The system can be configured to transmit video images, in real time to remote observers not at the location. Vehicle locations such as areas under the vehicle, the engine compartment and trunk, under the seats and dash, around the wheels and inside bumper voids, and the cargo areas of a commercial vehicle can be inspected safely and effectively with a single camera tool.

Looking under the seats and dash of a vehicle can also be difficult. They require an inspector to lean into the vehicle in order to perform a visual search using a flashlight. It is often difficult to see well in these areas. Inspecting these locations orients the inspector in a position that compromises his situational awareness of surrounding people and conditions. In addition, it also places the inspectors head and face on or near the floor of the vehicle. These locations can be unsanitary and unpleasant and they can pose health risks. Climbing into cargo areas of a trailer or looking into the bed of a construction vehicle can also present physical challenges to an inspector.

The system consists of a telescoping pole camera and separate display unit. The pole camera is held by the operator by the systems control handle. The handle holds the rechargeable battery and the systems electronics and controls. The other end of the pole connects to a self-illuminating camera. The camera is mounted in a sled assembly that can be inserted under the vehicle. The hardened steel sled assembly is designed to glide on any surface.  The sled mounted camera can peer up into the void spaces in the under vehicle. The sled assembly is designed so it can be replaced in the field when worn.

We recently upgraded the camera that comes with this system. We changed the right angle color camera to have a wide angle lens. We took the Field of View from 60 degrees to 134 degrees. This change allows the operator to see from one wheel well to another when inspecting underneath the vehicle.

The same lightweight carbon fiber pole camera can then be elevated to look high or inserted into other areas. The camera can be used to inspect for clues of vehicle tampering or other suspicious indicators in other locations of the vehicle that may be of interest.

The high definition video images are viewed on a wireless battery powered video display. The display can be viewed while mounted on the pole, worn on the operator’s wrist, worn on a vest, or positioned for viewing on the operator’s chest with a hands-free neck mount. The system allows the operator to capture still images of the video or video clips. These still images and video clips are stored locally on a removable SD memory card in the display. When the camera WiFi network is shut off, after the pole camera is powered down, the display can be configured to link to a different, secondary, local WiFi network, one that has internet access. The system can then be programmed to automatically push all of the previously stored images and video clips onto a secure cloud storage resource on the internet. Once this information is stored in the cloud, it can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

If required, the system can also be configured for wired operation, without the need to use the internal WiFi transmitter in the pole camera. The pole camera and the display utilize long-life rechargeable batteries. These batteries can power the system from 6 to 12 hours depending on use. Each system comes equipped with 2 batteries for the camera and 2 batteries for the display, as well as their charging stations.

If you operate a secure facility and thorough vehicle screening is an important part of your security protocol then the new ZistosHD Vehicle Search System may be the right tool for you. Please email or call us today if you have and questions or if you would like to set up an on-site or a virtual product demonstration of the new ZistosHD Vehicle Search System.

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