The NEW Rail/Truck Tanker Inspection System

For years Industrial Inspection Systems from Zistos have helped increase worker safety and reduce inspection costs by keeping workers out of confined and difficult to reach spaces. With the addition of our new Rail/Truck Tanker Inspection System, inspectors can now perform a safe, visual inspection of the interior of a tanker from outside the tank. The worker can now check for hygienic conditions, foreign objects, cracks, and corrosion without the need to enter the tank and perform a confined space entry.

The system (IAD-TIPZ-6) has a uniquely configured, telescoping pole that can pan 180 degrees in both directions and attaches to a tanker hatch, allowing you to view all areas of the car interior. Also included in the system is a self-illuminating, 10X optical zoom camera and a body-worn, 5.6” LCD display with DVR capability.

All Zistos systems are weatherproof, durable, lightweight, compact, battery-operated, portable, and made in the USA. Thousands of Zistos systems are relied upon around the world, including systems with many U.S. and foreign military/government agencies.

The bottom line is that a Zistos portable video inspection system not only increases safety by keeping workers out of potentially hazardous environments, but also can significantly reduce confined space inspection costs by increasing efficiency, requiring less equipment, and shorter on-scene time.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370.

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