Q&A: Through-The-Wall, A Complete Video System

Like many Zistos systems, our Through-The-Wall Camera Kit was developed by Zistos at the request of and with cooperation from law enforcement. The TTW camera system provides visual access, into an adjacent room, through an interior sheet rock wall. This tool can provide visual intelligence on a scene when no other visual paths, (i.e.; windows, doors, etc.), are available. The system can be used for strategic mission planning in hostage-barricades scenarios. The system is also used in explosive breaching applications to help minimize collateral damage.

The kit includes all tools – silent stud finder, silent hand drill, specialized drill bit, and wall clamp-jig – necessary to drill both a six inch access hole on one side of the wall and a pinhole size opening on the other side. Included in the system is a specially designed low light camera that allows the user to position the camera using the wall clamp-jig in line with the pinhole to see into the adjacent room. A supplemental IR illuminator is also included and can be used to covertly illuminate the adjacent room in the total absence of any ambient light.

The Zistos Through-The-Wall Camera Kit allows teams to increase intelligence gathering capabilities and safety in a variety of tactical situations.

All Zistos systems are weatherproof, durable, lightweight, compact, battery-operated, portable, and made in the USA. Thousands of Zistos systems are relied upon around the world, including systems with many U.S. and foreign military/government agencies.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website www.zistos.com, or call us at (631) 434-1370.

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