Who Else is Viewing Your Wireless Tactical Video Signals?

Zistos Corporation designs rugged, reliable and most importantly secure tactical surveillance systems used by many military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Zistos video tools use hard wires as the primary design approach for viewing the video. This approach is not only more reliable in the field; it also cannot be detected or viewed by unauthorized personnel.

There are many tactical surveillance video systems that use wireless designs and for many years this was an acceptable approach.  However, new technology has rendered the use of wireless equipment as extremely risky.  Wireless systems allow sensitive video images to be easily viewed and recorded by:

  • News Media
  • Home Security Systems
  • Low Cost Video Scanners
  • Even Some Baby Monitors!

We all have seen video examples of law enforcement operations that are taken out of context, edited or even manipulated to negatively portray a police action. They get pushed into the public sector, can end up in the hands of the media, or worse, on YouTube where they can create a PR problem at best and incite civil unrest at worst.  Tactical missions that use Zistos Corporation’s tactical surveillance system help keep sensitive video off of the internet and away from the media by preventing unauthorized access of the video images.

We take the occasional criticism for our use of wires by those in the industry who are not aware as to the true level of risk that wireless systems present. This position is often reversed once they are made aware that wireless systems allow anyone to detect and intercept their sensitive video images. Wireless systems are just not worth the potential risk associated with their convenience. Convenience should never compromise the security and effectiveness of a mission.

Please check out our website to view our array of tactical surveillance video tools that will allow your team to safely see while on tactical missions in a safe and secure manner.  Give us a call or fill out this form to setup a free, no-obligation demonstration at your location.

If you are not concerned about who else can see your wireless surveillance video – You should be!

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website www.zistos.com, or call us at (631) 434-1370.

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