NEW! Pole Support Bracket Accessory

Zistos Corporation has long designed remote inspection pole camera systems for law enforcement, military, rescue and industrial applications. All of our systems are designed to: – as we say – “put your eyes where they may not be safe to go.” The system is very simple – it features a self-illuminating zoom or thermal camera, mounted on a pole that allows the operator to articulate, or pan the camera and the video can be viewed on a body worn or tripod mounted display.

Our industrial applications increase the safety and effectiveness of repair maintenance operations because they allow an initial visual assessment of environment, equipment and conditions in an underground vault without the need to enter a confined space.

Some of our industrial customers in the power utility and water markets asked us to improve on the design by coming up with a more ergonomically friendly system.

We were tasked with designing a mechanism that would allow the pole camera to be inserted into a vault and NOT require the operator to hold the pole for an extended period in one position, thus avoiding operator fatigue.

We came up with a system that addresses all of these requirements.  The system can be adapted to our existing pole by attaching a “ball” that clam shells around the pole.

The ball and socket design allows the pole to pivot – similar to a joystick – about the opening in two dimensions. The pole can also be rotated 360 degrees in the socket and the camera head can be articulated independently about 180 degrees of pan.  The end result yields a system that allows the operator to inspect any location in the vault without the need to hold and bear the weight of the pole over a long period.  The socket and bar can be positioned flat on the ground or clamped onto a standard OSHA fall protection barrier.

This new enhancement makes it even easier for the end user to perform a visual assessment, or troubleshoot equipment inside of an underground vault without the need to enter the confined space.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370 to request a free, no obligation product demonstration.

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