Thank you for your service to our nation

Everyone at Zistos is proud to serve the dedicated individuals involved in tactical, rescue, counter-terrorism, and industrial operations that save lives, as well as increase safety and security — here and those abroad.

We do whatever we can to honor our responsibility to those who put their trust in us by purchasing our products.

Zistos is committed to the design and manufacture of video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of tactical, rescue, search and inspection efforts.

We feel it is our distinct privilege to have as our primary customers — those organizations dedicated to serving and protecting the public and their employees.


Dedicated to the Memory of Our Fallen Heroes
By Steven Brunetti

In the brightness of day or the darkness of night they are ready to fight any evil that may come their way

When fear is in the air and nothing is clear you can rest assured that they will be near

They have sworn to be true to the red, white and blue, and uphold the laws of the land

They rush to disasters at which they are masters at keeping us calm through it all

They enter a location without hesitation no second thoughts ever enter their mind

Their main concern is that all will return and that nobody ever gets left behind

When emergencies arise that affect people’s lives you can count on their rapid response

They sometimes give up their lives, they leave husbands and wives, some leave young children and loved ones behind

Yet through it all they will answer the call and enter when all others are fleeing

In their chosen professions they make no concessions when a call comes in day or night

They will do their part with all of their heart and never will they show any fear

All New Yorkers should cheer whenever they hear the faint sound of a siren drawing near

Because they know in their hearts, that the sound will impart the arrival of more of our heroes

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