Confined Space Safety

Zistos manufactures a line of remote video inspection tools that can dramatically reduce the risk of industrial accidents, improve overall worker safety, and limit company liability. This is especially true when dealing with confined spaces.

Confined spaces are inherently dangerous places for people to work. Despite OSHA regulations and modern work methods that put an emphasis on safety protocol, there are still over 100 confined space fatal accidents every year in the United States. Most – if not all – of these accidents were avoidable.

Then why did these accidents still happen? One simple answer – people are people!

Even the most highly trained individuals will at some time in their career execute a lack of judgement, take a shortcut, or for some reason ignore training and end up a victim.

The best way to ensure that workers stay safe is to keep them out of and away from environments that can cause injury, especially confined spaces.

When the area of inspection is hazardous, the use of a remote inspection tool, such as the ones manufactured by Zistos Corporation, can help keep the individual situated in a safe environment outside of the space.

Examples of these operations are;

  • Inspecting the interior of a truck or rail tanker
  • Looking inside an underground vault
  • Inspecting a large processing vessel
  • Inspecting cargo holds on ships

By limiting the risk exposure to a worker, you minimize their risk of injury and increase overall safety.

The bottom line – in many instances, the use of Zistos remote video inspection tools can help keep your work force safe and reduce the potential for industrial accidents. Please contact us to learn how our equipment might help you maximize the safety of your operation.

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