Options?  With modularity comes options & customization. Make YOUR gear how YOU want it.

No matter the uniform, helmet or safety gear you wear, our video search & inspection products can help increase the safety and effectiveness of trained personnel by enabling them to gain access to areas considered inaccessible or potentially dangerous, while staying out of harm’s way. All of our systems are designed and engineered for dependability, rapid deployment and modularity with field-interchangeable components.

What applications could benefit from using a Zistos Camera System?

Industrial Inspection Operations:
Confined Space Inspections, Pipe & Vault Inspections, Tanker Inspections, Inspections at height, etc.

Tactical Surveillance Operations:
Look under a door in a barricaded scenario, looking into an attic for a subject’s heat signature, see around a corner in an active shooter scenario, etc.

Physical Search Operations:
Commercial and passenger vehicle searches, large facility sweeps, Inspecting containers on large cargo vessels, etc.

Search & Rescue Operations:
Victim location/extrication operations in a building collapse, industrial accident or natural disaster, etc.

Zistos Modularity Philosophy

ZistosHD Modular Components:
Any ZistosHD camera can work with any ZistosHD pole, handle, display and accessory

The ZistosHD Handle:
The centerpiece of the ZistosHD Line of products. It is where the system battery resides, push button controls exist and is the brain of the system

3 Display options:
5” Rugged Tablet
6” Tablet
10” Rugged Tablet
The displays have redundant touchscreen controls to match those on the handle

13 different Pole options:
3ft (.9m) Baton
6ft (1.8m), 9ft (2.7m), 11ft (3.4m) & 17ft (5.2m) Friction Hinge Poles
6ft (1.8m), 10ft (3m), 16ft (4.9m), 22ft (6.7m) & 30ft (9.1m) Motorized Poles
Dedicated Under Door Camera Pole
Dedicated Vehicle Search Pole
Dedicated Tanker Inspection Pole

12 different Camera options:
Compact Color Camera
Compact IR Camera
Right Angle Compact Camera
Wide FOV Right Angle Compact Camera
10X Optical Color Zoom Camera
10X Optical IR Zoom Camera
Color 30X Optical Zoom Camera
Thermal Camera
Dual Mode Thermal Camera (Thermal & IR Cam in one)
Single View Under Door Camera (Forward Cam)
Dual View Under Door Camera (Forward & Upward Cams)
Valve Inspection Camera

We also have taken on specialty engineering requests that have produced:
UV Illuminated 10X Optical Zoom Camera
4K Camera

2 different Specialty Scope options:
StealthSCOPE – Can be viewed on Tablet using WXMT-WiFi accessory
ExplorerSCOPE – Can be viewed on Tablet using WXMT-WiFi accessory

And countless accessories…

Feel free to check out our website to see all the ZistosHD components, customizable pre-constructed systems made for your application and all the accessories available.

(631) 434-1370 | zistos.com | info@zistos.com

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