ZistosHD Optical Zoom & Camera Clarity

A valuable feature of any portable video system is the ability to view a clear 1080p image while zooming in to get a close-up of a point of interest without having the operator be in close proximity.

In some instances, getting close to the point of interest is not possible due to lack of access, or danger to the operator. Using a portable video system combined with a camera capable of true optical zoom and high resolution imaging can be a solution to these problems.

The ZistosHD systems offer a true optical zoom feature that utilizes lenses to magnify the visual image to many times its true size. This method has significant advantages over cameras that are limited to digital zoom capabilities. Cameras that utilize optical zoom have the ability to magnify an image without any loss of resolution, which is integral to many of these operators in order to perform their job.

By contrast, digital zoom expands the image by using software to magnify the image by increasing the size of the pixels and thus reducing the number of pixels that make up the image. This makes the image appear larger, but at the expense of resolution. Often the images will become too coarse, or pixelated to see any meaningful detail. The more digital magnification that is applied to the image, the worse the image quality gets.

Zistos’ zoom cameras are available in 10X (WPC-2.5Z-HD) and 30X (WPC-3.5Z-HD) optical magnification options. These cameras are housed in rugged, waterproof housings. Both have self-illuminating LEDs and provide high definition 1080p images & video, even when zoomed to their maximum optical range.

All in all, using a portable video system without optical zoom capabilities will limit the range of your system. ZistosHD systems not only have optical zoom options, but also have additional options such as true thermal cameras, under door cameras, IR illumination, snake cameras, specialty scopes and more. Check out the ZistosHD portable video systems and customize your system to your specifications.

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