The ZistosHD Handle – Redundant Controls

The HD Handle is the common modular component of the ZistosHD family of products. It houses all of the controls, power, and WiFi transmitters for the system to function. The handle attaches to any ZistosHD camera pole or cable on one end, and the battery module is seated in the handle on the opposite end.

The ZistosHD handle is designed with an ergonomic hand grip and offers easily accessible keypad controls. These features allow the system to be operated by a single individual, with a minimal amount of training on system use and function.

The 9-button keypad on the handle module is designed to be actuated by the operator’s thumb. The 9 buttons include; Illumination Up & Down, Zoom In & Out, Motorized Pan Left & Right, Special Function, Snapshot, and Record Video Start/Stop.

The ZistosHD systems also offer full control redundancy. All of the keypad control functions from the handle are also available using the touch screen menu overlays on the display.

Two is always better than one. The control redundancy is beneficial in many ways. One way is ZistosHD systems can be used as a drop camera and the operator can control the camera using the display from a safe distance away from a potentially dangerous location like a doorway or confined space. Another example is it could be bad weather and the touch screen is wet and it is not registering your inputs with your gloves on, but the handle buttons will work.


  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight, impact resistant plastic construction
  • Attaches to any ZistosHD Pole or ZistosHD cable
  • Powered by easily replaced rechargeable Lithium-ion battery packs
  • Provides power to both the motorized pole and camera
  • Keypad allows for control of the motorized pole, camera and DVR functions
  • Internal Wi-Fi radio with dual antennas for optimal performance
  • Connector available for hardwired connection to tablet or network
  • Wireless Bridge available for wireless connection to other networks
  • 9 buttons – Illumination Up, Illumination Down, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Tilt Up, Tilt Down, Enter, Snapshot and Video Start/Stop

The rechargeable batteries that power the system reside in ZistosHD handle. The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries offer extended run-times up to 12 hours. They also feature an integral LCD display that can share the battery charge levels with the operator – even when the system is powered off.

The handle also contains the system’s WiFi radio that is configured with dual antennas. This design feature optimizes wireless performance and maximizes transmission and reception range.

All in all, the ZistosHD Handle is the module that allows full-control of our systems. It houses the control actuator buttons, power and transmitters needed for system function. Its impact resistant, lightweight and ergonomical design make all of the ZistosHD systems highly effective and easy to operate.

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