ZistosHD Motorized Pole Options

ZistosHD Pole Camera Systems are used in many applications where it is necessary to inspect or surveil an object or subject, in an environment that is difficult to access or dangerous to enter. This is accomplished by mounting one of our specially designed HD video camera heads onto one of our telescoping poles. One specialized telescoping pole option we offer is a motorized design.

The ZistosHD motorized pole utilizes a motorized articulating hinge that allows the camera head to be remotely positioned across its full range of +/- 120 degrees. Controlling this is accomplished by using the control keypad on the ZistosHD system handle, or the touchscreen overlay on the display unit.

The motorized articulating mount allows the camera to be positioned in any orientation when it is inserted into an environment and inaccessible to the operator. The articulation angle of the camera head is displayed on the handle, so the operator is never blind to the camera position even if the camera head is not visible.

The speed of articulation can be adjusted by the user, and the gear-head motor is designed with a special slip-clutch that protects it against mechanical shock if the motor is back driven by manually forcing the camera head. The motorized pole can be rotated to allow the camera to pan 360 degrees around an area. The motorized poles are available in 6ft (1.8M), 10ft (3M), 16ft (5M), 22ft (6.9M) and 30ft (9.4M) lengths.

The advantages of the motorized articulation design are vast. It allows the inspection of areas where openings are narrow and only accommodate the camera to be inserted in its smallest footprint orientation (usually 0 degrees, positioned straight). The motorized poles are also advantageous when the application requires inspection of a broad area where constant adjustments to the camera position are required.

The modular design and the broad variety of pole types and lengths, along with the different camera and display options available in the ZistosHD line of inspection and surveillance products, ensure that we have a customizable video pole camera system that will best fit your application and budget. If you need a video system for applications such as tactical surveillance, urban search and rescue, vehicle/cargo search or industrial inspection, please call us to get more information, or to set up a no-obligation product demonstration virtually or at your facility.

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