Extended Battery Runtime = Extended Field Use

Portable Video Systems rely on batteries for power and are an integral part of any system design. The ZistosHD batteries (BAT-15XL) are lithium-ion, rechargeable batteries that have significant advantages over most batteries on the market today. You will no longer have to worry about not having enough power to last for an entire operation or be blind to how much life is left on the batteries.

These BAT-15XL batteries provide power for 6-12 hours of continuous operation. The exact time depends on the camera in-use and the user-controlled illumination levels, but the worries of having a system not make it through an operation are greatly reduced. All ZistosHD systems come standard with two BAT-15XL batteries which allows for one battery to be charged to full capacity, while the other battery is in use.

The BAT-15XL battery provides a battery meter that displays 5 segments on a mini LCD screen that represent the battery life remaining on the battery itself. This window is visible whether the system is on or off, and is visible even if the battery isn’t connected to the system at all. This is especially important in those instances when a system is deployed that was previously used on a recent job and the batteries may not have been recharged.

All in all, our new ZistosHD Systems have been engineered to remove the inconvenience and problems associated with many of the other battery-powered video systems that are on the market. They help ensure that the ZistosHD system remains operational in times of crisis, when reliable system performance is essential.

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