High Resolution Thermal Images in Any Conditions

The ZistosHD Dual Mode Thermal Camera (THC-51D-HD) combines the benefit of remote thermal imaging and low-light, black & white video into a single compact enclosure. This dual camera allows the operator to instantly toggle between a 320×240 resolution thermal video camera and a 640×480 resolution, low-light, standard B&W video camera, using the pole camera controls without having to change cameras.

The B&W video camera also has built in IR illumination that can further assist in low light conditions. The camera can be programmed to show the thermal video in monochrome, or it can be colorized to show different temperature ranges. The camera also displays a crosshair in the center of the image and can calculate the temperature in degrees at that location.

  • Rugged, weather-resistant housing
  • Built-in covert infrared illumination for the B/W mode
  • Instantaneously switch between Thermal and B&W video camera
  • Built-in microphone and amplifier – Listen Only/Talkback Capable with addition of audio module
  • Small size allows access through 2 inch core holes
  • Compatible with any ZistosHD System

Whether you are using the camera to look in an attic to look for a subject’s heat signature, inspecting hot wires in a vault or searching for victims in rubble through core holes, being able to switch the camera from thermal to B&W to gain intelligence of the surroundings and environment without losing sight of your objective is invaluable to any user.

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