Portable Tactical HD Pole Camera Components

Greater Performance Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Since 2001, Zistos has been designing and manufacturing portable video systems for industrial confined space inspection, military, tactical surveillance, physical search & security, and collapse search & rescue. Our products increase the safety and effectiveness of trained personnel by enabling them to gain access into areas considered inaccessible or potentially dangerous situations, while staying out of harm’s way. The company has earned an excellent reputation for many pioneering innovations in surveillance, rescue and industrial inspection technology.

Zistos offers an array of portable video solutions, which along with our standard definition video systems, includes the new ZistosHD (full 1080P) wireless systems and components. All of our systems are engineered and designed for dependability, rapid deployment, modularity with field-swappable components.

Portable Industrial HD Pole Camera Components

  • Attaches to any ZistosHD pole or cable
  • Provides power to cameras
  • Transmits video/audio stream via WiFi
  • Keypad controls both pole & tablet
  • Smart Displays – 5″, 6″, 10″
  • Preloaded with the ZistosHD App
  • Fully integrated with the ZistosHD cameras for control, viewings & recording

Specialty Products

  • Smart Lithium-Ion
  • Internal Fuel Gauge
  • 6+ hour run-time
  • Snap-in & go

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