Finding cost-benefits in a confined space

As a provider of visual assessment technology, Zistos looks at every application from a cost-benefit standpoint, comparing them in cases where remote visual inspection tools were used, and when they weren’t. The outcomes are completely different.

In the first case, an undiscovered foreign object and resulting contaminant found its way into a large storage vessel used in the manufacture of a food product.Rail Tanker - Top

Previously, a visual inspection was done by an inspector who could only peer into the fill opening of the vessel with a flashlight; he wasn’t allowed to enter the confined space for both safety and sanitary considerations.

Unfortunately, the inspector did not have the benefit of remote visual capabilities of a camera inspection tool that could have been safely inserted and maneuvered in the space. The contaminant was not detected leading to final cost total of between $350,000 – $400,000 for remediation of the contaminant and damages including plant shut down expenses.Rail Tanker Inspection

The use of a Zistos remote inspection tool, such as the IA-PSW-A14Z Industrial Zoom Inspection System, would have easily seen the problem and would have paid for itself many times over with its very first application by saving a costly remedy to an avoidable problem.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 6.43.10 PMIn another case, a cost analysis was conducted on the use of this video inspection tool to inspect materials and equipment in a confined space – without the need for a confined space entry. The analysis of the savings, by avoiding unnecessary, dangerous and expensive confined space entry operations yielded a return on investment for the equipment after fewer than 45 hours of use.

This analysis did not factor in any consideration to job injury or disability claims from confined space accidents. It also did not factor in any residual cost benefit of a preemptive repair or remedy following the inspection.Confined Space Inspection

The use of such a video inspection system from Zistos achieves several cost-saving objectives at the same time:

  • Enable more frequent, preventive maintenance inspections
  • Deliver a vastly superior inspection capability vs. visual inspection
  • Easy insertion into confined spaces with a single operator
  • Proactively insure the safety of inspectors and others on the worksite
  • Afford critical insight into the problem prior to entry into the space to repair/mitigate
  • Resilient and scalable equipment and technology for immediate ROI

Proactive visual assessment technology from Zistos pays for itself over and over, potentially on the very first application.

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