In today’s technologically advanced world, the options of communicating have changed so rapidly it’s like a revolution taking place. We are embracing this movement whole-heartedly and are very excited to launch our new website.

Zistos has always strived to design and manufacture portable, rugged, reliable and cost effective specialized video tools for field use. But we had not always done an adequate job in educating our customers on the full array of our product offering, as well as on the capabilities of both our products and the company.

According to Bob Levine, President of Zistos Corporation, “Our new website goes a long way to address these issues. We have a product that is, by its very nature, visually oriented. The new website allows end users to visually explore the various tools that we have available and learn how they may be applied to help solve their problem, or accomplish their mission. Users can not only see the products as still images, they can examine specs, applications and actually view sample video from the different components.”

Zistos Website - Home PageTo ensure that our new site is easy to navigate, we broke our product offering down into the primary markets that Zistos serves: Tactical Surveillance, Urban Search and Rescue, Counter Terror / Search, and Industrial Inspection. This allows users to locate the information they need quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks. Simply selecting your market segment provides quick access to the systems that best suite your needs.

“It is our hope, however, that the information presented in this web site goes beyond providing a basic overview of our products,” Mr. Levine says. “It is our hope that it also sparks ideas on how to apply the technology to solve the diverse and sometimes dangerous jobs that our customers are engaged in. We also wanted to communicate our willingness and ability to customize our products to best fit the needs of our customers. I have always said ‘look at these system configurations as a starting point and ask yourself this: What configuration and capability does my job require?’ Tell us and we will do whatever we can to provide the best solution that fits your needs and budget.”

Additional Communication Tools

Zistos YouTube Channel

In addition to our new website, we also created social media sites such as: a blog to provide industry-related information and news on Zistos products; a YouTube channel to house educational videos; a Facebook page to keep our fans up to date; and a LinkedIn page to keep Zistos involved in the professional world. Finally, we developed a branded E-mail Newsletter so that we can communicate effectively with our customers on a regular basis.

Zistos LinkedIn and Facebook

“Our goal is to open multiple sources of two-way communication between our customers and us.” Mr. Levine continues, “We love to hear compliments but also welcome criticisms, new products ideas, and any other feedback you’d like to send our way so that we can improve our product and service offerings.”

Please visit our new website and social media sites on a regular basis:

Website: http://www.zistos.com
Blog: http://www.zistosnews.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zistos/220462471444434
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZistosPVS
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/zistos

Thank you for taking a look and please let us know what you like, and more importantly tell us what you need. It is our mission at Zistos to provide you with the most reliable and effective portable video inspection tools to complete your job in a safe and effective manner.

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