Designed specifically for real world operations

The risk of relying on equipment made for best-case scenarios…

This Zistos design philosophy stems from over a decade’s experience and the many lessons learned by our engineers and end users in building portable video inspection systems.  As a result, instead of designing for a best-case scenario, Zistos equipment has always been designed to operate in a worst case scenario.  In other words we do our best to ensure that, when you really need it, it will work as intended.

Zistos applications include physical security, tactical law enforcement, urban search and rescue, military and industrial inspection.  This means rugged and dependable under any conditions.  While they may not have the flashy look of some consumer-grade products, our design build, flexibility and reliability make the critical difference when the equipment used must perform in the field.

The Zistos design approach to building its equipment is based on key factors and problem avoidance:

Wireless vs. wired.  Many of the wireless video systems on the market utilize analog video transmitters and receivers that are similar in design and performance to inexpensive consumer electronic systems wrapped around high tech looking enclosures. Many of these wireless solutions are of poor quality, easily detected and can be easily intercepted. They are also prone to a multitude of operational problems based on environment. There are many consumer products/technologies that can detect and intercept wireless video transmission. There are even applications for smart phones that can threaten wireless video security. Video signals can easily be detected, acquired, viewed and recorded by outside parties, media and even adversaries. Although we offer wireless as an option, the built-in wired configuration employed by Zistos avoids all of these risks.

Pole design and components.  Most so-called probing poles offered by the competition are really glorified painter’s poles that have been fitted to hold a camera. Many of the poles exhibit a significant bow or droop when extended making them difficult to maneuver. We tested different mechanisms in designing our poles and found there were no good off-the-shelf solutions for critical components like collars. So we designed our own: Fully resistant to abrasives like sand or concrete dust, fully interlocked and maneuverable with other components plus custom-designed collars to maximize reliability, minimize breakage and deal with bowing in vertical operations.
Zistos Rugged Locking Pole Collars

Batteries.  Batteries are the most common cause of non-operational equipment in the field. Disposable consumer/commercial replacement batteries may not be available in all situations and recharging batteries may not be feasible in all situations. The best approach is to come up with a solution that allows for multiple power options, including swap-able rechargeable batteries that can recharge from AC or DC (vehicle power). Zistos equipment can operate from AC or DC power with included adapters. We provide further battery options for Alkaline D-Cell operation, De-Walt batteries and 5590/2590 batteries.
Zistos Battery Charger

Display.  Display is the critical component in a camera system. Life and death decisions are made based ultimately on the image that is viewed on the display. Most tactical camera systems on the market have displays that have 76,800 pixels or less. With respect to search operations – whether looking for signs of tampering or even IEDs – resolution is very important. Zistos equipment has the highest resolution for display size in the market, 307,200 pixels – that’s 4 times the pixels on most other display screens which makes Zistos suitable for both tactical and search applications.

Zistos displays are also much easier to use. There is a trend with modern displays to have menu-driven settings (contrast, brightness, etc.) that are nested within the system – several buttons need to be selected in order to access the values to adjust. When in a life-threatening situation, time is of the essence. Zistos designs their displays with knobs that are used to adjust settings. This method is much more intuitive and allows users to make adjustments quickly.
Zistos 5" LCD Monitor

VisionFlex™ technology.  VisionFlex allows a single, portable video detection system to fit a myriad of applications designed by Zistos. It is the only system that provides enough dynamic on-site adaptability to approach any operation without knowing situational details in advance. This enabling technology takes every component of our system into account (cameras, poles, displays and accessories) and integrates them with rapid ease for deployment in fluid situations and/or extreme conditions. Its upgradeable and expandable design protects investment and keeps our complete system on the forefront of technology.
Zistos Customizable Systems

Zistos has worked for over a decade to design and custom manufacture of customer-driven designs that are extremely reliable in real world applications by offering a complete, flexible and adaptable solution to any situation. We strive to insure that our professionalism and responsiveness in support of our products is at the peak in the industry. Moreover, Zistos will work with you to design a unique configuration for integrating our portable video solutions with other equipment or systems if required.

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For over 12 years, Zistos has committed itself to the design, manufacture and sale of video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of tactical surveillance, search & rescue, counter terror & search and industrial inspection efforts. They can be configured and set up in the field in seconds thanks to custom design engineering and component interchangeability that keeps costs down and ensures the equipment is always leading edge.

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