Increase the safety and effectiveness of vehicle inspections at a secure checkpoint.


These days you have to be wary. Even routine public matters can involve elevated security risks; they can take on any form, especially vehicles, currently the weapon of choice for the bad guys.

The result is a rapid increase in the sheer volume of preemptive searches of vehicles being conducted that in turn raises the associated risk factor for inspectors.

Inspecting a vehicle for explosives like IEDs is dangerous business to say the least. The multiple locations where a device can be hidden extend to the entire vehicle, from the undercarriage to the trunk, engine, cargo area and top of the vehicle as with a truck.

Then there’s the cabin and passenger area, dashboard, seats, cargo area and more. Each challenge requires a different tool to properly assess the risk while protecting the inspector.

“More than a visual inspection tool, our portable Vehicle Search System (part # WA-VSWD14) is a complete threat assessment system,” says Bob Levine, President of Zistos Corporation. “It’s designed to look for specific signs of tampering.”

The Zistos portable Vehicle Search System is comprised of three interchangeable camera tools to thoroughly search a vehicle in question. They include the inspection pole, the trolley and/or sled and the baton.Zistos Group Shot- Pole, Trolley, Sled, Baton

The pole is used for inspecting the roof of a truck or other surface that can’t be seen from ground level. It is also used to inspect cargo areas for anything unusual such as; odd cargo stacking or packing, cargo void spaces and even dis-similar cargo (for example, 55 gallon drum next to shrink wrapped pallets).

The trolley is used for inspecting the underside of a vehicle on smooth surfaces such as asphalt, while the under vehicle sled is used for uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, snow or sand.

The baton enables the camera to be inserted into narrow, hard-to-reach spaces such as wheel wells, the engine, or under the seats and dashboard.

Each component is designed to let the operator more safely inspect the entire vehicle without having to kneel or crawl; he or she can remain on their feet throughout the process. Plus, the chest-mounted, 5.6” Walkabout LCD display lets the operator clearly see what the camera is capturing while remaining alert to the situation around him.

Zistos system has many benefits. It can be learned quickly, requires no installation, is easy to deploy, and operate, with the ability to instantly transform itself to meet a specific task, including nearby facility searches.

The Zistos system also functions seamlessly as a second-tier of inspection to drive-over systems at checkpoints. Once the drive-over determines the need for a closer look, the Zistos system can be deployed immediately. The same is true when the system is used in conjunction with K-9’s. This goes for the facility itself as well as non-vehicular areas such as storage areas.

With the expanded diversity of areas requiring examination, it’s no longer feasible to rely on unaided human vision to accomplish what portable video tools can do far more effectively and efficiently when there is so much at stake.

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For over 12 years, Zistos has committed itself to the design, manufacture and sale of video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of tactical surveillance, search & rescue, counter terror & search and industrial inspection efforts. They can be configured and set up in the field in seconds thanks to custom design engineering and component interchangeability that keeps costs down and ensures the equipment is always leading edge.

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