Operations in confined spaces often pose challenges to safety and budget concerns.


Zistos increases safety and saves money.

As part of a complete line of portable video inspection tools used to penetrate confined spaces, Zistos has crossed an important threshold in the industry. Management personnel in the industry recognize the cost and complexity in maintaining compliance when OSHA regulations are mandated relative to an industrial process or operation. These standards and procedures were created to help insure the safety of workers performing tasks that may be hazardous or when operating in dangerous environments such as a confined space.

“We have introduced an approach for operations in confined spaces that can dramatically increase safety and, at the same time, can also actually reduce operating costs while maintaining compliance with regulations,” says Bob Levine, President of Zistos Corporation of Holbrook, NY in this brief, informative video, including how a Zistos industrial inspection system can pay for itself within a very short time period.


Inspection - Power UtilityZistos provides a wide range of portable video systems to help industrial inspection personnel more safely and effectively inspect areas too confined or dangerous for a person to physically enter. Our systems are made in the USA and have all the features needed in an industrial inspection system:

• Rugged
• Lightweight
• Battery-operated
• Compact and portable
• Flexible

The Zistos Industrial Inspection System is a basic all around system that allows for safe, efficient and economical inspections. As with all Zistos systems, the Industrial Inspection System is modular and expandable, as needs arise.

The basic system includes:
• 5.6″ WalkAbout LCD display
• Telescoping, articulating pole with 180 degree (+- 90 degree) articulation with a twist of the hand grip
• Low light sensitive, high resolution, color camera that is submersible to 100′
• System can be custom configured to meet a wide variety of needs for many different industrial inspection applications

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For over 12 years, Zistos has committed itself to the design, manufacture and sale of video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of industrial inspection,  tactical surveillance, search & rescue and security search efforts.

They can be configured and set up in the field in seconds thanks to custom design engineering and component interchangeability that keeps costs down and ensures the equipment is always leading edge.

For more information contact Zistos sales at 631.434.1370 or email: info@zistos.com.

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