Combating criminal activity on the nation’s roads

Retired NYPD Detective Joe Zogbi talks Vehicle Interdiction

The country’s highways and roadways are still the prime movers of illicit money, narcotics and human beings with increasing frequency.

In the informative video below, Joe Zogbi, retired NYPD Emergency Service Unit Detective, talks about the critical role that vehicle interdiction continues to play on front lines of law enforcement.

Video inspection systems such as those Zistos designs and manufactures are invaluable tools for law enforcement personnel working the highways, roadways and borders.

The tools provide an instant upgrade to human visual assessment capabilities, allowing for detailed inspection of hard to see areas or voids; inside, underneath or on top of a vehicle where contraband, money, dangerous materials or weapons, even human beings, can be smuggled by an enterprising trafficker.

The process of locating contraband in a vehicle, whether it is drugs, currency from illegal operations, weapons and even explosives, starts with an initial visual assessment – looking for things that are suspicious.  These indicators are the first sign that the vehicle requires further scrutiny and attention.

Zistos_GroupShot - Pole, Trolley, BatonLikewise, in many cases the signs of tampering are subtle and difficult to see with the naked eye. The Zistos vehicle search video tools provide you with better visual information for you to make this initial judgment with. They also allow you access to the areas that need to be inspected without climbing, kneeling or crawling. Often times they give you the luxury of keeping your eyes on the vehicle occupants while performing the inspections.

Countering narcotics smuggling is a major part of this job. The amount of money associated with these criminal activities truly boggles the mind. One of the programs in place that benefits both law enforcement and the taxpayers is the asset forfeiture laws.

These laws allow a percentage of the drug money seized from narcotics traffickers to be vectored right back to law enforcement to further assist their efforts against criminals. Using the illegal revenue seized in these efforts helps by shifting a portion of the financial burden of fighting the war on drugs away from the public to the criminal enterprises behind it. The Zistos tools allow you to put a bigger dent in their operations by finding more of both narcotics and illegal funds, and stopping the flow of both.

Zistos - WA-VSWD14The Zistos Vehicle Search System (WA-VSWD14) makes any vehicle search much safer and more efficient and has applications in:

• Border security – where drug, money and human traffickers all intersect at some point.
• Highway stops and weigh stations – where our highways are used as conduits for illegal materials and criminal operations
• Counter terror operations around high profile targets such as large venues, symbolic locations, chemical and power plants, VIP protection details and military bases

Any vehicle checkpoint calls for such a portable system.

The Zistos Vehicle Search System takes into account every aspect in which an operator might have an interest. It’s flexible, simple to use and adaptable to specific applications, e.g., pavement versus grass/ground under-vehicle inspections and can double as a nearby facility inspection tool.

Zistos tools can be configured in seconds thanks to custom design engineering and component interchangeability that keeps costs down and ensures the equipment is always on the cutting edge.

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For over 12 years, Zistos has committed itself to the design, manufacture and sale of video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of tactical surveillance, search & rescue, counter terror & search and industrial inspection efforts.

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