Zistos Corporation and Desert Snow – Leaders in Vehicle Search Tools and Training – Working Together To Stop Vehicle Borne Threats to Secure Areas



Zistos Corporation, a leader in the manufacture of video based vehicle search tools that are designed “to see where your eyes can’t go”, is now working with Desert Snow, the leader in vehicle search training techniques.

Zistos Corporation’s professional quality vehicle inspection tools will now be used in classroom and hands-on training by Desert Snow’s equally professional staff.

Zistos_GroupShot - Pole, Trolley, BatonThe key components to a proper vehicle inspection procedure consist of three key factors:  how to “look”, where to “look” and what to “look” for. This combination of tools and training will provide security personnel and law enforcement with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to perform effective and meaningful video inspections of passenger and commercial vehicles. According to Ron Hain of Desert Snow, “Desert Snow’s 25 years of relentless pursuit of Criminals and Terrorists combined with Zistos’ unparalleled detection technology safeguards like no other team.”

Desert Snow Training - Classroom and Demonstrations

In addition to counter drug and smuggling operations by law enforcement, vehicle inspections are also a requirement for many industrial and commercial security mandates such as CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) and CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). There are many similarities in the tactics used both by terrorists and smugglers in perpetrating criminal acts. In both cases there are many instances where a vehicle will be tampered with in order to hide smuggled goods, contraband, weapons or explosives.

The tell-tale signs of tampering are what the law enforcement/security inspection team are looking for. These signs can be subtle and very difficult to observe. There are two different fundamental requirements to perform this task successfully and to help insure detection:

  • A tool is required that can provide clear detailed images in areas that may be difficult / dangerous to access
  • The knowledge of where to look and to recognize a suspicious indication of tampering

The Zistos Corporation – Desert Snow collaboration links these primary requirements and delivers a total comprehensive solution to the end user. A security solution that provides a real potential to thwart criminal acts and to protect the safety and integrity of commercial operations, personnel, facilities and the public at large.

Zistos - WA-VSWD14

Zistos will be exhibiting at ASIS International in Atlanta from September 29th through October 1st to conduct product demos and answer product questions. Call us at (631) 434-1370 for additional information on bundle equipment and training packages.

Or to request immediate information or a product demonstration click here.

For over 12 years, Zistos has committed itself to the design, manufacture and sale of video inspection solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of tactical surveillance, search & rescue, counter terror & search and industrial inspection efforts.

For more information contact Zistos sales at 631.434.1370 or email: info@zistos.com.

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