Field Configurable Tactical Surveillance Video Tools Help Insure Successful Missions


There is no one approach that will guarantee the successful outcome of every tactical mission. What works in one situation may not be the best solution to the next. Officers need to be flexible and may have to change plans more than once during a single operation. This flexibility is the cornerstone of the design philosophy built into every Zistos Tactical Surveillance System. Our products are fully interchangeable and field configurable, which means that a team can quickly switch among poles, cameras, and scopes as a situation evolves.

Switching between IR, thermal, color/B&W, under door, and zoom cameras can be accomplished in seconds, allowing teams to better gather intelligence and situational awareness before entering a potentially hazardous area.

All our systems are weatherproof, battery-powered, portable, durable, lightweight, compact, and made in the USA. They are relied upon by military, law enforcement, and government agencies around the world.

From attic to basement to any unknown space, Zistos systems and their modular design help personnel more safely and effectively achieve successful resolution to inherently dangerous situations.

More information about Zistos Tactical Surveillance Systems is available at our web site – To request a quote or schedule a hands-on demonstration, please contact us at (631) 434-1370.

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