ExplorerSCOPE Can Help Save Lives in Time-­critical Search and Rescue Operations


Cameras inserted into 2″ core drilled holes have long been used in USAR operations; however the process of drilling these holes requires time, effort, tools, power, and trained personnel. The Zistos ExplorerSCOPE offers an alternative camera search system that can be inserted into openings as small as 10mm. The self-contained, hand-held ExplorerSCOPE requires less drilling and can even be inserted into existing voids within a rubble pile without any drilling.

This battery-powered system has four-way articulation and a powerful laser light source that can generate images of objects and personnel as far away as 40 feet in complete darkness. It also features a semi-rigid, flex and stay guide tube that can maintain a horizontal position to span a gap, when inserted into a void space.

The Zistos ExplorerSCOPE offers a faster, more thorough search system that can save lives in time­ critical search and rescue operations. Like all Zistos systems, it is durable, lightweight, compact, portable, and made in the USA.

More information about the Zistos ExplorerSCOPE is available at our web site – www.zistos.com. To request a quote or schedule a hands-on demonstration, please contact us at {631) 434-1370.

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