Video vs. Mirrors in Vehicle Search/Security Inspection Operations – NO CONTEST!

If you are relying on mirrors to inspect vehicles, you are putting your personnel and your mission at risk.

Mirrors provide only reflected images and only from a distance. The signs associated with tampering are often so subtle that they can be easily missed, unless you have a close-up view – a view that Zistos Vehicle Search Systems provide.

Zistos systems offer a body-worn, battery-powered display and a variety of cameras and poles that bring the operator’s eyes to within inches of an image – close enough to see small scratches on bolts or new/clean fittings or wires, where old/dirty ones should be. These are details that are typically not apparent with a mirror. Operators can now conduct a thorough search of all vehicle types and areas.

Our vehicle search systems can be used anywhere, day or night, in inclement weather conditions, and on all terrain surfaces. All Zistos products are durable, lightweight, battery-operated, compact, portable, and made in the USA.

The Zistos Vehicle Search System is a true inspection tool that can provide meaningful, close-up images to help assess potential threats.

More information about our Vehicle Search Systems is available at our web site – To request a quote or schedule a hands-on demonstration, please contact us at (631) 434-1370.


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