Inspect and Assess Confined or Hazardous Areas Without Physical Entry

Confined spaces can be inherently dangerous; in fact, each year about 100 U.S. workers die from confined space incidents involving a wide range of hazards.  Any maintenance or repair task starts with an engineer or technician making a visual assessment of conditions of both the equipment and environment.  A Zistos Industrial Inspection System can increase efficiency and help reduce such loss of life and related injuries by providing complete visual assessment of tanks, large vessels, vaults, voids, and other confined/difficult to reach or hazardous areas without a confined space entry.

A typical system consists of a display and a camera mounted on a telescoping pole. As a camera is inserted into the space, workers can get a full 360 degree, top to bottom view to reveal a variety of hazards such as entanglement, water, smoldering components, access and egress issues, and even animal/vermin infestation before they enter. The high quality video of our systems also allows the operator to read and identify tags and other important markings on cables and other equipment from outside of the confined space, possibly eliminating the need for physical entry.

All our systems are weatherproof, battery-powered, portable, durable, lightweight, compact, and made in the USA. They are used by public utilities, energy companies, industrial corporations, and engineering firms from coast to coast.

More information about Zistos Industrial Inspection Systems is available at our web site – To request a quote or schedule a hands-on demonstration, please contact us at (631) 434-1370.

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