New Extended Reach Poles

Zistos is proud to introduce our new line of pole camera systems that include long poles that telescope out to 20’, 30’, and 40’. These new “Extended Reach” poles are made from carbon fiber, a material that is stronger, lighter, and more rigid than standard aluminum and fiberglass poles. The carbon fiber material offers better control and the enhanced rigidity minimizes bowing, especially when the pole is used in a horizontal orientation. A new lever locking collar mechanism used on our carbon fiber poles allows the user to quickly lock/release the telescoping sections of the pole. While some competing pole designs use only friction to keep the sections extended, our locking collars secure each section for use in a vertical position. The poles are fully compatible with our existing line of interchangeable cameras heads and body worn/portable display devices.

Like all Zistos pole camera products, our portable video systems attach to the display with a hardwire that resides inside the pole. This wired design provides higher quality video images that are not subject to the interference, detection, or interception that can present serious issues with wireless systems.

Industrial Inspection
For industrial inspection, the new poles provide visual access into deeper spaces without physical entry and offer inspection of higher locations without the need for a ladder – features every safety officer will appreciate.

Urban Search and Rescue
In USAR operations, the poles can extend a team’s vision across large void spaces, when looking for trapped victims.

Tactical Surveillance
Law enforcement and military personnel can use the extended reach pole cameras to more safely see into third and fourth story windows, onto rooftops, and down from a rooftop into a window to get visual intelligence in tactical missions.

Cargo Search/Counter-Terrorism
Security personnel can visually search further into loaded tractor trailers without climbing or unloading the cargo. This is accomplished by inserting the extended reach pole cameras into cargo voids and underneath pallets to inspect hard to access areas.

Whatever the application, the new “Extended Reach” poles from Zistos Corporation allow our customers to “Expand Their Vision“ and visually assess areas that could not previously be reached safely.

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