Saving Money Through Safety Makes Sound Economic Sense

Zistos Industrial Inspection products increase the safety and efficiency of performing any inspection.

Zistos industrial inspection video camera systems are purpose-built to allow users to inspect elevated locations and confined spaces, safely out of harm’s way. They include two main primary capabilities:

Extended Reach Pole video camera systems can be telescoped to 20, 30 or 40 feet to allow the operator to remain safely on the ground without a ladder.

Confined Space Inspection cameras allow inspection of tanks, vaults, hoppers and other confined spaces while safely performing the operation outside them. Lightweight, durable and all weather, the system is ready to go in minutes.

The bottom line is that increasing the safety and efficiency of industrial inspections saves companies money. It helps reduce the risk of potential injury/death from work related accidents, while saving on operating costs.

“Zistos saves companies money, increases safety and reduces operating costs every time it is used,” explains Bob Levine, President of Zistos Corporation. “There’s no need to put people into a dangerous environment to perform an inspection.”

Zistos are the only inspection systems and tools that are designed to specifically meet these vital applications; in the process, they make the job more efficient, easier to execute, and help reduce operating costs, especially if deployed on an everyday basis as part of a company’s inspection procedure.

This is one of those instances where investing in tools that increase safety also makes sound economic sense. Call us today to set up a product demonstration where you’ll see first hand how Zistos products work to increase safety and reduce maintenance/repair costs.


For more information contact Zistos sales at 631.434.1370 or email:

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