This revolution won’t be televised.

Widespread use of revolutionary new video technology in the public domain continues to generate lively debate in the media on when and where its use is appropriate.

Yet many of these new developments in video technology have advanced to the point where they can greatly increase safety, efficiency and process management for workers involved in dangerous maintenance inspection tasks for infrastructure support and within industrial environments––which isn’t on the evening news.

Field locations such as these can be dark, dangerous confined spaces or may be inaccessible locations with considerable effort required for entry and a high level of potential risk to life and limb.

“Managers are increasingly becoming aware that video inspection systems like these really save time, man power, boost worker safety and efficiency by simply having a look first,” says Bob Levine, President of Zistos Corporation, Holbrook, NY.  “This includes both private industry and public infrastructure and utilities.”

Zistos - Water vault inspection application shotLevine refers to the company’s newly advanced video Industrial Inspection System (part #: IA-PSW-A14Z).  With flexible add-on modules its lightweight, pole-mounted inspection tools can be inserted into practically any industrial environment with crystal clear remote viewing and other sensory input.

The self-illuminating video camera is ruggedly designed and has a 10x optical zoom. In addition the camera is self-illuminating and performs well in dark void such as those found in tanker cars, trailer, underground vaults and any large vessels.  Live and still image visual data can be recorded locally on a memory card or streamed live to remote viewers.  The system is portable, battery-operated, durable and water resistant, and can be handled by a single operator.

Zistos - Water vault self illuminated 10-1 color zoomThe hand-held articulated pole camera can remotely pan 180 degrees and delivers bright hi-res video of objects and areas of interest. The system also has options for thermal imaging and voice annotation of the video inspection.  It not only lowers worker risk; it preps them with visual information that allows them to take the correct precautions in advance of entry. It also allows workers to acquire the appropriate tools and parts prior to entering the confined space, thus minimizing the confined space entries required for maintenance or service to a location.Zistos - Water vault self illuminated

This process takes minutes, not hours, and can be customized to meet the exact requirements of the inspection with various tasking modules.

This advanced new pole camera inspection system is at the forefront of Zistos’ expanding array of portable video systems that were originally designed for use by special forces, swat teams and rescue personnel. “Many industrial workers have a very different job, but they also face real dangers in performing their duties,” says Levine, adding, “there’s a need for improved safety, cost and time efficiencies across the board, and our technology helps achieve that.  The best part is that our systems make hazardous work a little safer for the regular guy out there doing his job.”

Zistos - Industrial Zoom Inspection System (IA-PSW-A14Z)For more information, specs and packages of the new Industrial Zoom Inspection System, (part #: IA-PSW-A14Z), from Zistos please go here.

Zistos Corporation is based in Holbrook NY.  It designs and manufactures video tools and systems for tactical surveillance, search and rescue, counter terror and search, and industrial inspection.

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