Gain Audio & Visual Intelligence – Through a Sheetrock Wall!

Gain Audio & Visual Intelligence – Through a Sheetrock Wall!

The Through-The-Wall (TTW) system is ideally suited for hostage barricade scenarios as well as explosive breaching.

The system contains a specially designed hand drill, cutting tools, a pinhole camera, WalkAbout display and audio module that facilitates visual and audio observation into an adjacent interior room through a sheetrock wall. New to this system is a contact microphone to add audio intelligence through the wall with no additional holes necessary.

Like many of our systems, our TTW Camera System was developed at the request of, and with the cooperation from Law Enforcement.

TTW on wall shots (4)The system combines a very high performing low-light camera equipped with a pinhole lens, and all the tools necessary to quietly install the system without alerting the subjects of the surveillance operation.

A custom designed sheetrock hole-cutter is used to create an access opening. The silent hand drill is employed with two different bits: one to strip out the plaster, and the other to IMG_3263create a small 1/8” (3.2mm) observation hole through the far wall. The Low Light Pinhole Camera is then put into position and the video is viewed on a battery-powered, WalkAbout video monitor.

The system supports invisible IR illumination of the room with an included illuminator through a second pin hole, if necessary. It can also be adapted for other display solutions, which includes a wireless WiFi transmitter to stream the video to a computer or mobile device.

For more information or a free product demonstration, please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone: (631) 434-1370, email: or website:  We look forward to hearing from you.

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