Inspect and Assess Confined or Hazardous Areas Without Physical Entry

Confined spaces can be inherently dangerous; in fact, each year about 100 U.S. workers die from confined space incidents involving a wide range of hazards.  Any maintenance or repair task starts with an engineer or technician making a visual assessment of conditions of both the equipment and environment.  A Zistos Industrial Inspection System can increase efficiency and help reduce such loss of life and related injuries by providing complete visual assessment of tanks, large vessels, vaults, voids, and other confined/difficult to reach or hazardous areas without a confined space entry.

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Ready, Set, Go…Zistos Backpack Surveillance Tower A Step Above

With our security needs increasing, especially in remote places, Zistos Corporation can help you with the right application for your remote surveillance equipment needs. Our rapidly deployable surveillance systems are self-powered and offer complete vision solutions that are wireless and easily transported.

Our newest system, The Backpack Surveillance Tower (BST) is a portable, one man battery operated, wireless network surveillance system with a pan-tilt-zoom camera that is mounted on a collapsible four-meter mast. The system facilitates surveillance of a wide area from a high angle of view. The BST deploys quickly from a backpack, which allows one individual to transport it over rough or wooded terrain. The 13 ft. tower unfolds easily from storage and can be setup by a single individual.  The pole is stabilized using guy-wires and ground spikes included in the kit. Multiple BST systems can be networked together and can be monitored from a ruggedized laptop computer available with the kit and can also interface with any standard digital device – laptop, tablet, or smartphone – with Wi-Fi capability. Continue reading “Ready, Set, Go…Zistos Backpack Surveillance Tower A Step Above”

Zistos Corporation and Desert Snow – Leaders in Vehicle Search Tools and Training – Working Together To Stop Vehicle Borne Threats to Secure Areas



Zistos Corporation, a leader in the manufacture of video based vehicle search tools that are designed “to see where your eyes can’t go”, is now working with Desert Snow, the leader in vehicle search training techniques.

Zistos Corporation’s professional quality vehicle inspection tools will now be used in classroom and hands-on training by Desert Snow’s equally professional staff.

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Combating criminal activity on the nation’s roads

Retired NYPD Detective Joe Zogbi talks Vehicle Interdiction

The country’s highways and roadways are still the prime movers of illicit money, narcotics and human beings with increasing frequency.

In the informative video below, Joe Zogbi, retired NYPD Emergency Service Unit Detective, talks about the critical role that vehicle interdiction continues to play on front lines of law enforcement.

Tactical Surveillance Q & A from an expert

Retired NYPD Detective Joe Zogbi takes a look at Zistos.

Joe Zogbi is a retired Detective with the NYPD who served on the Emergency Service Unit, the department’s Tactical and Rescue Team.

The way Joe looks at it, the prime reason for having a real-time tactical surveillance system that gets it right in any situation is “that everybody goes home at the end of the day.”

He means of course everybody from the system operator to tactical support personnel to hostages or bystanders, even the adversary. In other words, turn a bad situation into a positive outcome with the least amount of time and expense and everybody safe.

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