Digital ZistosHD Tactical Systems

The ZistosHD system offers a state-of-the-art, high resolution tactical video tool that allows a tactical team to make a safe visual assessment of dangerous conditions, using highly detailed video images. The new ZistosHD encrypted wireless video system supports full 1080P HD video with most camera options. This new system design maximizes its suitability for use in many different tactical applications by offering interchangeable modules. They can be switched in the field to enhance the effectiveness of the system, in many different environments and applications. The system has been engineered to offer the highest resolution images that can be viewed on a variety of different digital display options, such as phones, tablets, laptops. The ZistosHD system will support up to three different simultaneous viewers. The images can be transmitted via wired or wireless methods and the phone display can be pole, or wrist-mounted.

Unlike the older easily compromised analog wireless video, our new wireless technology has been selected to provide a safe encrypted video stream that cannot be intercepted and is viewable without an appreciable delay.

The heart of the ZistosHD Tactical Video System is the ergonomically designed HD Handle. The handle offers integrated push buttons that facilitate all operations, including, illumination level control, still image capture, video record, zoom functions and motorized camera pan controls. The handle accepts a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has an easily viewable, built-in battery charge level indicator. The battery charge level is even viewable when the system is off or the batteries are unplugged from the handle. The battery runtime will typically last 6+ hours depending on camera options and illumination settings. An external power input is also available as an option for alternate external power sources. The handle is ruggedly designed and all antennas are internal to prevent damage from rough handling.

ZistosHD – Tactical Overview Video

ZistosHD – Tactical Systems Sheet

ZistosHD – Component Catelog

Dual View Under Door Camera

Designed for tactical surveillance missions…

The Zistos Dual-View Under-the-Door Camera (ZDV) features two high-resolution, CCD camera chips that toggle from one to the other. It employs IR illumination, video-frame integration and an ultra-sensitive audio microphone.

When inserted under a door, the first or forward-looking, sensor allows the user to covertly view 3 to 4 m (15 to 20 ft) into a dark room facilitating a quick assessment of hidden threats. Additionally, the camera can transition to a second sensor designed to provide a high-resolution image of the door knob and frame on the reverse of the door. This feature allows users to assess if the door may be barricaded or rigged with an explosive.

To ensure user safety, the Dual-View Under-the-Door Camera is supplied with a 6 ft (2 m) telescoping pole that allows the camera to be deployed and panned at a safe distance from the door. The ZDV is fully compatible with all existing Zistos tactical surveillance systems and other components.

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